Pelor's Unholy Gold

Adventure Up to Now

Since this page was started after the main adventure was began. Heres a bit of catchup.

The party found itself first helping the mayor of the town find his daughter, although later on that was found to be more of a ploy than anything.

After many a kobold and mechanical dragons, our hero’s confronted the kobold king, and then the towns mayor, noticing one detail in particular, the gold ring on each of their hands.

From this point the party trodded on down the road on gift horses that they unfortunately did not look in the mouth.

Much faith was lost in the rogue as he foolhardedly kept the bells found on the remains of a tripwire he triggered after plodding on down through the forest.

He was caught and captured, a giant three headed dog was fought, and everything seemed to be going decidedly downhill.

With a memeber of the party taken prisoner by the trolls of the forest, and a fire set ablaze at a paths entrance, the remaining two party members walked on to Stormwind, to seek help.

After arriving there, a kindly guard let them in on a meeting, to get back at the trolls of the forest.

A day later, after feats of unmeasurable braveness involving giant eagles and molten iron, the rogue was saved and a new member was added to the party, a ranger.

The party quested on, eventually relocating the original horses they were awarded to begin with, and happily rode along.

That is, until the magical leather straps of the horses flew up around the legs of the party as the horses madly flew down a little used forest path.

The monk was caught by a rock gollem, who he destroyed as per request.

From there they adventured on, killing many many of those possesed by the gold ring of the evil church of pelor, attempting to gain followers and wealth by fitting all who did not believe with gold bands around the neck.

After many more adventures involving trolls and the like, the players finally made a way back to the main road and set up camp.

From the flaming arrows that night far off on the path, 3 members of the party parished forever, only the monk the rogue and two clerics one good and one chaotic remained.

They quested on, meeting the hordes of possesed that had destroyed Stormwind and traveled forth from there by ship, talking with sea monsters and riding them.

They met the monks of the pillar and now, are now aiding them in restoring trade and good will between them and the monkeys of the tree palace.


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